Ʌlpha ɫه ῼmega (2013)

by HolyTree

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Alpha to Omega


released January 11, 2013

Special thanks to :

Rühe Studio
LB Aka Labat for the recording and mixing
Deafrock Records for the Mastering
Roos Benjamin for the visual



all rights reserved


HolyTree France

Plus fort que jamais l’arbre sacré continue de pousser. Véritable
bouillonnement musical, leur style incisif sublime et contraste leurs
mélodies par un besoin organique de toujours casser les codes.
Holytree propose un live énergique et sincère qui s’apparente à une
stratigraphie musicale des époques qui leurs parlent.
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Track Name: Cold war (never ends)
We all involved in the same boat, staring forward as goats
sharing a common goal but aiming to our loss
We only need a fallen wall to see how naive is the humanity
tending to be free I think they all agree, they are closing their eyes on the reality
Tending to be free they are closing their eyes

We all involved (in) the same (boat)
One thing in common (the earth)

No backdoor but billion of graves
Where life could be call a race where every players would be seen as slaves
An apocalyptic plot written by the people above
We are all hoping for the best but prepared for the worse
Dictated by the conquest of a limited world (x2)

We all involved (in) the same (boat)
One thing in common (the earth)


We all involved (in) the same (boat)
One thing in common (the earth)
Track Name: Capitalistic bat
U just went out on a empty street, and everything seems alright
Only when people are asleep u move outside at midnight
what's u like in life it’s when it get dark and if ur still alive it’s cause u like a bat

Capitalistic bat, capitalistic bat

Pockets full of dope you wont have to hunt all night long
Right now your preys are weak junkies need you to be strong
their purple dirty blood wont feed your for a while that’s why you’ll hang around soon at the same time.

Capitalistic bat, capitalistic bat

You’ve got your eyes open at night things quickly goes wrong
A cage is not that wide and bats are born to be wild
Now that you’re satisfied you’ll move back to your cave sun is about to rise leave the day to your slave.
Track Name: She heals me gently
There is something weird, between me and her. Something I barely can explain.
Does she love me? well I don’t care I’m feeling good as long as she remains the same
I guess there’s no mutual attraction, passion can be defin by atypical action
I just discover that kind of relation and real problem start when a stronger feeling called love get among us

I hope we’ll be able to keep this out of our relation. I would not take the risk to lose her because of love.

Yes she makes me laugh but I wonder does it always have to go further
I just want to keep the way I see her
Friendship quickly get lost. in a couple and time turn it up in the everyday stuff
The day I’ll want her in my bed will prove I’m not clear in my head

She heals me gently
Isn’t simply to say that she heals me gently

I hope we’ll be able to keep this out of our relation. I would not take the risk to lose her because of love.
Track Name: Living or Leaving
So long is the road of life
Hanging on, living half
Day and night
Which side do u prefer
Well I don’t mind, no one would be better

leaving all the time that we needed and catching all the stars we are leaving (living) and again
Leaving all the time we face tricky things or facing all the mess we’re living and again

Don’t wanna wait, don’t wanna waste precious time
Straight to the aim be yourself don’t be shy